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There are billions of websites exist on the internet. Most of them are not updated. People who are serious about their business make their website up to date with relevant information. I have seen many websites which are getting leads, but due to some reason the owner of the website is not receiving lead emails.

Now its time to update your website oldies website to Web 2.0 technology. I would like to suggest you some points which you should consider before giving your online business to web designing company’s hand.

- What form of planning and strategy was undertaken by the agency before they started on your project?
If they plan before actual starting of designing work, it will beneficial to you if you need to change any critical things on the website.

-Do your pages pass W3C standards?
W3C, (World Wide Web Consortium). An international consortium that develops information technology standards ("recommendations") with a particular emphasis on standards development for the World Wide Web.

-Were your pages designed in CSS?
If they design website using CSS, the size of pages can be reduce and search engine can also easily index all data of your website due to table less nature of CSS.

-Does your website have a search engine friendly design? What components of your design and strategy included SEO?
Check this too, coz just only designing your website will not give you business. If your website is search engine friendly then your chance of ranking in search engines for your targeted keywords will be high.

-How long did it take the agency to craft out your design? For how many pages?
It may possible that the web designing agency can delay your work due to heavy work load. Its better to confirm your website projects start date and end date.

Hope, answers of above questions will give you clear idea, about your future (Updated) website.


At September 30, 2008 at 7:41 PM Hiawassee Georgia Real Estate said...

Good points, thanks for the tips.

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