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How to check Permenant website redirection?

Does it SEO Freindly website redirection that you have followed?

Check your website redirection by entering an old URL in the query box.


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I made deep research on web to find out most useful tools in web design and development process. It took little bit more time to place them all together here.

I have listed all those tools here below. I am damn sure you will like each and every tool and add-on suggested. These tools are used for Text editing, web page creation editing, graphic designing, web page analysis and many more.

http://www.adobe.com/products/dreamweaver/ - Web page creation editing.

http://adobe.com/photoshop - Quality graphic designing

https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/60 - Contains Web Developer tools.

http://webfx.eae.net/dhtml/pngbehavior/pngbehavior.html - CSS Analysis and Editing

http://barebones.com/products/bbedit/ - HTML and Text Editor

http://vmware.com/ - Infrastructure Management

http://colourlovers.com – Color Trends and Palettes

https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1843 - Edit, debug, and monitor CSS

http://www.omnigroup.com/applications/omnigraffle - Website Mockup creator

http://www.iosart.com/firefox/colorzilla/ - Web page color manager and assistant

Hope you will enjoy tools…

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There are billions of websites exist on the internet. Most of them are not updated. People who are serious about their business make their website up to date with relevant information. I have seen many websites which are getting leads, but due to some reason the owner of the website is not receiving lead emails.

Now its time to update your website oldies website to Web 2.0 technology. I would like to suggest you some points which you should consider before giving your online business to web designing company’s hand.

- What form of planning and strategy was undertaken by the agency before they started on your project?
If they plan before actual starting of designing work, it will beneficial to you if you need to change any critical things on the website.

-Do your pages pass W3C standards?
W3C, (World Wide Web Consortium). An international consortium that develops information technology standards ("recommendations") with a particular emphasis on standards development for the World Wide Web.

-Were your pages designed in CSS?
If they design website using CSS, the size of pages can be reduce and search engine can also easily index all data of your website due to table less nature of CSS.

-Does your website have a search engine friendly design? What components of your design and strategy included SEO?
Check this too, coz just only designing your website will not give you business. If your website is search engine friendly then your chance of ranking in search engines for your targeted keywords will be high.

-How long did it take the agency to craft out your design? For how many pages?
It may possible that the web designing agency can delay your work due to heavy work load. Its better to confirm your website projects start date and end date.

Hope, answers of above questions will give you clear idea, about your future (Updated) website.

Software quality assurance or Software testing is required to check system performance and improvement.

I have listed under major test types with its brief definition:

1. Black Box Test: This test requires basic knowledge of system functionality, system specifications and system requirements. It has nothing to do with internal design or coding part of the system.
2. White Box Test: This test requires sound knowledge at coding part, coding styles, code statements and internal design part.
3. Unit Testing: At this stage particular functions and code modules are being tested by developers rather than a software tester because it requires high knowledge in programming part.
4. Incremental Integration Testing: This test can be done by developers or by software testers which require continuous testing of an application as new functionalities and modules are added.
5. Integration Testing: This kind of testing is relevant to the client-server and distributed systems which include code modules, applications and client-server application system on a network to be tested.
6. Functional Testing: This test should be done by tester at releasing time of a system but developers needs to check this test before releasing a system. This is Black Box Type Testing.
7. System Testing: It covers all combined part of a system which requires overall specifications and requirement of a system.
8. End-To-End Testing: This test checks system functionality when interacting database, network communications, interacting with hardware or other applications and systems.
9. Smoke Testing: An initial testing check when a new version of software is performing well enough to accept it for major testing checks. It’s also known as Sanity Testing.
10. Regression Testing: After making changes in a modules testing require performing on the system which is known as regression testing. Automated testing tools can be useful to tackle this test.
11. Acceptance Testing: Final testing which is going to performed as per specification of clients for checking system functionality for a limited period of time.
12. Load Testing: Testing a system under heavy data loads to check at what range system response time fails.
13. Stress Testing: This test is used for interchangeability with load and performance testing.
14. Performance Testing: This kind of test defined as per requirement documentation and test plans.
15. Usability Testing: This test is being checked for whether system is user friendly or not which is intended to perform for clients.
16. Install-Uninstall Testing: Testing of overall system and component installation and uninstall.
17. Recovery Testing: Testing for a recovery of a system from major crashes.
18. Failover Testing: Especially for interchangeability of Recovery Testing.
19. Security Testing: checking system performance against unauthorized internal and external access. This test requires highly sophisticated testing.
20. Compatibility Testing: System compatibility under specific software, hardware, OS and network.

There are other testing techniques like Exploratory Testing, Ad-hoc testing, context-driven testing, user acceptance testing, comparison testing, alpha testing, beta testing and mutation testing.

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What is Multilingual Website Development?

English is an international language and each and every business and trade are doing in English only whether it’s offline business or online business. So on WWW English has widely accepted language.

Generally most of the websites are having content written in English only. There may be possibilities when a client or customer native language is not English and there are many countries over the world which uses their own native language for web search and place content on their website in their native language. E.G. Russia, there are more than 80% of websites built in Russian language so they can target their valuable and targeted visitors from Russia only, there is only 20% of people are doing trade in English. So they require a website in Russian.

But what happen when you may want to target visitors all around the world, but with only Russian language your website is nothing for rest of the world who does not know Russian. So to come over this problem you need to make your website multilingual which supports many languages on a single website, and you may target visitors all around the world and they feel happy to while reading the content in their native language.

Websites which supports many languages at a single time can be called at multilingual websites. This website can be used under translator and programmers can create a tool for developing this kind of website. Once a request made for changing a website in particular language through a translator content of a webpage will be converted into the respective language.

Multilingual websites takes more time to develop and cost too, but it worth with the international business trading and marketing the products through websites in various countries.

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Things To Consider: Good Shared Web Hosting Company

Reliable and reasonable quality of service is the identity for a good shared web host. Several times, a buyer will sign up with the least costly supplier only to experience many technical problems and the expected and annoying occurrence of changing Web hosts. It is best if the buyer selects the right web hosting firm. Shared Web hosting company has the following uniqueness will boost the chance of buyer pleasure.

Shared hosting solutions employ multiplexed tools; customers must ensure that the server and server technology used can contain the number of users on specific server. Your hosting company’ technology must be operated by knowledgeable and highly qualified system administrator professionals.

Network Connectivity It is essential to find the fastest Internet connection possible. Since you are competing with other users for resources in a shared hosting platform, you should ensure that you have at least T3 connection that is using less than 50 per cent of available bandwidth.

Buy only based upon your requirement select a web hosting services that matches with your business requirements. Only Avail services that your site will require providing your specific content. Don't sign up for an all-inclusive account with a hosting firm if you are not going to use all those services, this will needlessly increase your budget.

Choose a scalable service that your hosting solution can increases as your site increases in complexity.

Highly technical support required through out the day. A reliable host should offer 24x7 toll-free technical support rendered by experienced and professionally trained technicians and administrators.

Check references before you assign to a particular hosting firm, ask for references which ensure their quality services, company reputation and support help.

You must keep a copy of a data which you have hosted on web. Generally most web hosting companies are only operational to recover files in the event of a system failure. Keep your data in your computer hard drive as well as in external memory storage through which you can access your data from any where.

Own your own domain keep in mind that your web host provider will not hold you hostage to their service by exercising administrative control over your domain name. Your host should only be listed as a technical contact. You should exercise administrative control over the domain name from the time of purchase.

Check out whether a host is real or whether it resells hosting solutions. Also check what payment procedure the host uses to run credit card transactions.

Understand your requirements before you sign up with a web host; you must understand what your obligations are regarding payment for service and acceptable nature. Certain hosting companies will not allow high traffic content, such as adult data. For this you need to choose specific service package.

Set up an exit strategy always has a backup plan in case your host goes experiences an unrecoverable failure. Redundancy must be a priority if you are running an online business.

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Things to consider - Ecommerce Website Development

Want to make good sales in Retail market? You can not afford to be without good ecommerce website that generates more sales online. An ecommerce website will help your business to be brand online.

Where to find better ecommerce development solutions?

A company which is developing shopping cart and business to business shopping cart software by considering your business requirements and specifications and go ahead with your development solutions. An ecommerce website would be a best looking professional website design, B2B (Business to Business) Website development or an affordable ecommerce website development services.

What to Consider for Better Ecommerce Website Solutions?

1. Make focus that visitors find you
2. Developed to get more sales
3. Customer user friendly environment to get returning visits
4. Integrating ecommerce solutions in business services
5. Find a good ecommerce development company which completes all your requirements

Ecommerce websites fails to generate more leads when they are not being properly developed in terms of code development. Ecommerce website must be designed as considering issues of web usability and search engines. A customer is on the website is for limited time, it’s up to your website and way how you represents your services. Ecommerce requires little bit more investments than other niche websites, should be productive and for that it must be developed as SEO friendly for generating good revenue and sales from website.

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