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Software quality assurance or Software testing is required to check system performance and improvement.

I have listed under major test types with its brief definition:

1. Black Box Test: This test requires basic knowledge of system functionality, system specifications and system requirements. It has nothing to do with internal design or coding part of the system.
2. White Box Test: This test requires sound knowledge at coding part, coding styles, code statements and internal design part.
3. Unit Testing: At this stage particular functions and code modules are being tested by developers rather than a software tester because it requires high knowledge in programming part.
4. Incremental Integration Testing: This test can be done by developers or by software testers which require continuous testing of an application as new functionalities and modules are added.
5. Integration Testing: This kind of testing is relevant to the client-server and distributed systems which include code modules, applications and client-server application system on a network to be tested.
6. Functional Testing: This test should be done by tester at releasing time of a system but developers needs to check this test before releasing a system. This is Black Box Type Testing.
7. System Testing: It covers all combined part of a system which requires overall specifications and requirement of a system.
8. End-To-End Testing: This test checks system functionality when interacting database, network communications, interacting with hardware or other applications and systems.
9. Smoke Testing: An initial testing check when a new version of software is performing well enough to accept it for major testing checks. It’s also known as Sanity Testing.
10. Regression Testing: After making changes in a modules testing require performing on the system which is known as regression testing. Automated testing tools can be useful to tackle this test.
11. Acceptance Testing: Final testing which is going to performed as per specification of clients for checking system functionality for a limited period of time.
12. Load Testing: Testing a system under heavy data loads to check at what range system response time fails.
13. Stress Testing: This test is used for interchangeability with load and performance testing.
14. Performance Testing: This kind of test defined as per requirement documentation and test plans.
15. Usability Testing: This test is being checked for whether system is user friendly or not which is intended to perform for clients.
16. Install-Uninstall Testing: Testing of overall system and component installation and uninstall.
17. Recovery Testing: Testing for a recovery of a system from major crashes.
18. Failover Testing: Especially for interchangeability of Recovery Testing.
19. Security Testing: checking system performance against unauthorized internal and external access. This test requires highly sophisticated testing.
20. Compatibility Testing: System compatibility under specific software, hardware, OS and network.

There are other testing techniques like Exploratory Testing, Ad-hoc testing, context-driven testing, user acceptance testing, comparison testing, alpha testing, beta testing and mutation testing.

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